Tae The Begging

words and music traditional

Not Every Day Is St Patrick's DayOf all the trades that I do know, the beggin is the best
For when a beggar’s weary he can aye sit doon and rest

To the beggin’ I will go will go,
To the beggin’ I will go.

Before I head out on the road, I’ll let me beard grow strong;
And my nails I will nae cut ’em, for the beggars wear them long.

I’ll put no water on my hands, and little on my face;
For still the lowner like I am, the more my trade I’ll grace.

And I’ll go to the tailor, with a wad of hodden gray,
I’ll have him make a cloak for me, that will keep me night and day.

When I come tae a farm-toon, I’ll say with hat in hand;
“Will the beggar-man get quarters here? Alas, I canna stand.”

And when they all come in about, It’s then I’ll start to sing,
And do my best to gather them, around about the ring.

If there’s a wedding in the town; you’ll surely find me there;
I’ll pour my kindest benisons, Upon the happy pair.

And some will give me beef and bread, And some will give me cheese;
And out and in among the folk, I’ll gaither the bawbees.

If beggin’ be as good as trade, As I hope it may,
It’s time that I was out o’ here, And headin’ doon the brae.

Chords: KEY G

F Bb F Bb
F Bb F Bb

F Bb



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