Sláinte Mhaith

"Slainte Mhaith" lyrics and music Marc Gunn, Nov 9, 2014

Performed by Kilted Kings
From: Name On My Soul


* Slainte mhaith. Slainte mhaith
Here's to your good health one and all
If you're soul feels rather thirsty
And you hear the crathur call
Then raise up your glass
Say Slainte mhaith

Many times in my life
I forgot the kindness code
Then reaped the sorry seeds that I sowed
But when I gave, instead of took
That's when my spirit growed
My charity turned into liquid gold

Your work week was a bare
And you're feeling rather low
You head down to the pub to watch a show
Then the singer makes you smile
And the beer it makes you glow
So give some money to the musician before you go

Scottish Songs of Drinking & Rebellion

Chords: KEY C

[F]Slainte mhaith. Slainte [C]mhaith
Here's to your good health one and [G]all [G7]
If you're [C]soul feels rather thirsty
And you [F]hear the crathur call
Then [C]raise up your [G]glass
Sing Slainte [C]mhaith

[C]Many times in my life
I for-[F]got the kindness code
I [C]reaped the sorry seeds that I [G]sowed [G7]
But when I [C]gave, instead of took
That's [F]when my spirit growed
My [C]charity turned [G]into liquid [C]gold



I needed a tip song...

"A what?," you ask.

I was performing at the Louisiana Renaissance festival and having trouble asking for tips from the stage. I felt like the only way I could do that successfully was to write a song where I encourage people to tip in the middle of the song.

It worked. But it became something so much bigger than that. It's a fun shout along. And it's a song about Celtic Kharma. Give and you will receive. Thanks giving to support my music.


Slainte Mhaith Videos

official Kilted Kings music video

Slainte Mhaith, the Christmas version





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