Mairi's Wedding

"Mairi's Wedding" lyrics and music Sir Hugh S. Roberton

Performed by Marc Gunn
From: Scottish Songs of Drinking & Rebellion

* Step it gaily, off we go
Heel for heel and toe for toe,
Arm in arm and off we go
All for Mairi's wedding.

Over hillways up and down
Myrtle green and bracken brown,
Past the sheiling through the town
All for sake of Mairi.

Plenty herring, plenty meal
Plenty peat to fill her creel,
Plenty bonny bairns as weel
That's the toast for Mairi.

Cheeks as bright as rowans are
Brighter far than any star,
Fairest o' them all by far
Is my darlin' Mairi.

Scottish Songs of Drinking & Rebellion

Chords KEY D

[D]Step it gaily, [Bm]off we go
[G]Heel for heel and [A]toe for toe,
[D]Arm in arm and [Bm]off we go
[G]All for Mairi's [A]wedding.


Mairi's Wedding is a wonderful Scottish song that is also known as The Lewis Bridal Song. The tune is from the Hebrides Islands and the lyrics were originally written in Scottish Gaelic.


Mairi's Wedding Videos

photo slide show from Scottish Songs of Drinking & Rebellion album


as featured in Pub Songs Podcast for St Andrew's Day





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