Kilty Pleasure

"Kilty Pleasure" lyrics and music by Marc Gunn

Performed by Marc Gunn
From: Selcouth

Let me tell you who I am
Red blooded American
I work 12 hour days
Sweating hard for crap pay

The days are far too long 
When at last the weekend comes  
The pants go in the bin
And the kilt comes on again 

Some days I wake up with a joyful expression
As I wrap my kilt round my waist
I latch on my sporran, pull up my stockings
A smile grows on my face

Then I’m off to the pub or the fair or the fest
A wee swing goes into each step
‘Cause I’m American born and Celtic forever
And both are truly blessed 

* I may never know what it means to be normal
Nor have I knowingly cared
I will dance through the streets tho it makes you uncomfortable 
My kilt will fly in the air
Because it’s my kilty pleasure
Yes it’s my kilty pleasure

Some say that I’m strange or call me a girl 
They like to make fun of me
I blow off their jokes Because I am proud 
Of my Scottish ancestry

But I’m also proud of the blood in my veins 
As different as our country 
My kilt is a symbol of the land that I love
And all of its diversity. 

You can say what you like, but the times they are changing
We celebrate our differences 
Be ye black, brown, or white, I will fight for your rights
Cuz I know what it means to be scared

See, my family wore kilts and we fought in Culloden
We Celts were all one time oppressed
So I’ll tear down your walls with my southern drawl
While donning my highland dress

Kilty Pleasure

Chords: Key C

[C]Let me tell you who I [Am]am
[C]Red blooded Ameri-[Am]can
[Dm]I work 12 hour [G]days
[F]Sweating hard for crap [G]pay

[C]Some days I wake up with a [Am]joyful expression
As I [F]wrap my kilt round my [G]waist
I [F]latch on my sporran, [C]pull up my stockings
A [Am]smile grows on my [G]face

Then I’m [C]off to the pub or the [Am]fair or the fest
A wee [F]swing goes into each [G]step
‘Cause I’m [F]American born and [C]Celtic forever
And [F]both are [G]truly [C]blessed 

[F]I may never know what it [C]means to be normal
Nor [F]have I knowingly [G]cared
I will [F]dance through the streets tho it [C]makes you uncomfortable 
My [Am]kilt will fly in the [G]air
Because it’s [F]my [G]kilty [C]pleasure
Yes it’s [F]my [G]kilty [C]pleasure



I love wearing the kilt. It is a very proud, visual example of who I am as a person. Because it's not common. It's not "normal". It's different.

There are people who are afraid of being different. They want everything to go a certain way. But that is not life. People are different.

Kilty Pleasure is about celebrating the diversity of each individual. We are all different. Some of us are geeks, some are jocks. Some love cats, others prefer dogs. Some are black, others are white. And some prefer pants while others prefer kilts.

I believe we should celebrate our differences through inclusion. It's fine and even good and comforting to be a part of a community. But we should never deny someone just because they are different. We should welcome those who are different into our lives with open arms and celebrate all of our diversity. It makes us stronger as a community.

It's one of the things I love about America. It's what I love about the world.


Kilty Pleasure Videos

from coffee with the celtfather show





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