Kilted For Her Pleasure

I am young Scotsman from Am-er-i-ca
The kilt is my pleasure it’s true
You can call it a skirt, but your lady will flirt
If she has a chance she’ll leave you.

I’m kilted [kilted], kilted [kilted]
With the mystery of what’s under there
I’m kilted [kilted], kilted [kilted]
Kilt inspectors will beg, to know my third leg
Is free as the fresh morning air

I have no red hair, but my skin is quite fair
But it does nothing to show off my pride
But my Scottish family tree, I wear on me
And it makes the ladies giggle and sigh

I feel like a man both noble and strong
When I dance my kilt swishes in time.
But I must confess, it’s for the ladies I dress
And undress too. Is that a crime?

So don your kilt my good Scottish friends
And let your flag blow and unwind
If they ask what’s beneath, your kilted sheath
Tell them it’s lipstick they’ll find.

Key D