Kilted For Her Pleasure

"Kilted For Her Pleasure" lyrics and music by Marc Gunn

Performed by Marc Gunn
From: Kilted For Her Pleasure


I am young Scotsman from Am-er-i-ca
The kilt is my pleasure it’s true
You can call it a skirt, but your lady will flirt
If she has a chance she’ll leave you.

* I’m kilted [kilted], kilted [kilted]
With the mystery of what’s under there
I’m kilted [kilted], kilted [kilted]
Kilt inspectors will beg, to know my third leg
Is free as the fresh morning air

I have no red hair, but my skin is quite fair
But it does nothing to show off my pride
But my Scottish family tree, I wear on me
And it makes the ladies giggle and sigh

I feel like a man both noble and strong
When I dance my kilt swishes in time.
But I must confess, it’s for the ladies I dress
And undress too. Is that a crime?

So don your kilt my good Scottish friends
And let your flag blow and unwind
If they ask what’s beneath, your kilted sheath
Tell them it’s lipstick they’ll find.

Kilted For Her Pleasure

Chords: Key D

[D A7]

[D]I am young Scotsman from Am-er-i-ca
The kilt is my pleasure it’s [A]true
You can call it a skirt, but your [A7]lady will flirt
If [G]she has a [A]chance she’ll leave [D]you.
That's [A7]why...

* I’m [D]kilted (kilted), kilted (kilted)
With the [F#m]mystery of [Bm]what’s under [A]there
I’m [D]kilted [kilted], kilted [kilted]
Kilt [G]inspectors will beg, to [D]know my third leg
Is [A]free as the fresh morning [D]air



I knew the title of my 2009 album. It was to be called "Kilted For Her Pleasure". It was named after a shirt design my friend Chris came up with when I was visiting him in Chicago. He designed a brilliant, best-selling shirt for me that I still sell over ten years later.

But as I neared completion of the album, I realized I needed another kilt song. I wanted an interactive song. I wanted a song that should my Scottish & Celtic pride. This song did all of that and more.

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Kilted For Her Pleasure Videos

from live performance at Dragon Con 2011


from Kilted For Her Pleasure CD







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